Write Your Own Headlines Series Begins

Most people are frustrated by the news. We don’t like that the news feels depressing, filled with stories of murder, theft, corruption, and other discouraging topics. Where are the stories about good things happening? Is there anything good happening?

While we get frustrated with our sources of news, we often live out the same challenges in our own lives. If someone were to keep track of the stories you share throughout the week, would the news be filled with positivity or would it focus on the negative things happening around you? Are your personal headlines filled with health crises, with fear of violence in the community, and economic gloom? Or are your personal headlines filled with stories of bravery, hope, and love?

This Easter, we begin a series investigating the news we are noticing and sharing. We will be reading through Luke 24, paying attention to the news that the early church shared about Easter as they sought to understand what had just happened.

To better help imagine the different ways we can tell the Easter story, click the link below to read through an imagination of what Easter Sunday’s front page headlines could have looked like from four different perspectives: from the vantage point of Roman authorities in Jerusalem, from Judean zealots, from the temple authorities, and from Jesus’s disciples.

We hope you’ll join us as we change our perspective to better reflect God’s perspective.


Easter Newspapers in 4 Perspectives