Why does religion tend to lend itself to violent acts throughout history?

This week, a community member asks: Why is religion so often used for violence?

From Crusades to Cold Wars, religion has been invoked to inspire violence. For Christians, there are plenty of biblical stories with violence. There are stories of conquests, of plagues, of apocalyptic battles, of crucifixion. How should we read and interpret stories of violence in the Bible? What is God’s relationship to violence? Our answers make a difference in the pursuit of peace in the world.

Responding to real questions, Pastor Dallas’s sermon series engages with real faith questions. Some of the questions might seem irreverent and you might wonder if it’s okay to talk about. If we only answer safe questions, we aren’t actually safe for questions. There aren’t always easy answers, but there is always an opportunity to grow and find God in the midst of life’s questions.

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Sermon preached by Pastor Dallas Flippin at the First Baptist Church of Jackson, MI on Sunday, August 22, 2021.

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