Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

Guest speaker Aimee Coolbaugh preaches on finding freedom in faith and getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Aimee is the Journey Associate at Westwinds Community Church. She is also a Mental Health Respite Home Manager and Owner/Founder of Amplified Healing LLC; A Trauma Recovery Coaching. She is from Jackson, Mi. Aimee has 2 children and the proud Memaw of 4 grand children.

Aimee is a fierce prayer warrior. She has a heart and passion for guiding individuals to inner healing. An equal passion is to help them see Jesus in every moment and situation. To provide support and hope to those who are in need. Her courage comes from her strong relationship with Jesus.

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Sermon preached by Guest Speaker Aimee Coolbaugh  at the First Baptist Church of Jackson, MI on Sunday, July 4, 2021.

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