The Point of No Return

There are pivotal moments that shape a relationship for better or worse. In Genesis 27, Jacob’s deception fractured his relationship with his brother and changed the the next two decades of their lives. Join us as we contemplate the urgency of faithful living and the gravity of unfaithfulness. This week’s message is titled, “The Point of No Return,” and is the second message of our series, “Sibling Rivalry.”

In the series, “Sibling Rivalry,” we are studying the stories of Esau and Jacob to understand both the challenges and hope for dysfunctional relationships. In so doing, we hope to highlight what real reconciliation looks like, not a cheap artificial unity that makes reconciliation sound easy, but a reconciliation that is a part of the transformative journey with God.

Sermon preached by Pastor Dallas Flippin on Sunday, January 31, 2021.

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