Let’s Talk Movies

The Groshongs and Flippins are hosting a 4 week movie discussion group at the Groshong’s house on Sundays at 6pm starting October 17. If you want to come and talk about superhero movies and faith, we’ll be discussing Batman and the Black Panther. It will be a fun time and we’d love to see you there. If you need access to one of the movies we’ll be watching prior to the discussion, just let us know and we can see if we can get you a copy. For address information, please reach out to the church office.

Movies discussed will include:

  • Oct. 17 – Batman Begins
  • Oct. 24 – Captain America: Civil War
  • Nov. 7 – The Dark Knight
  • Nov. 14 – Black Panther

Tuesday Morning Book Group

The Tuesday morning book group meets at 10 am at the at a church member’s house. Ask the church office for address information. The book group explores a wide variety of interesting topics and is a safe place to ask questions. Come enjoy friendship, conversation, and ideas together.

Thursday Morning Book Group

The Thursday morning book group meets at 10:30am at the BZB Cafe, a few blocks from church. They provide free copies of whatever book they are reading to participants. You’re welcome to come by and enjoy food, conversation, and ideas together.