Announcing Café Connection

JPCM reopens with new social distancing procedures

The Jackson Personal Care Ministry leadership team met via conference call this week and decided on procedures for opening the hygiene product pantry in a way that keeps volunteers and clients safe. The new procedure will have clients receive products without entering the building. Instead clients will receive pre-bagged supplies outdoors without making physical contact with volunteers. Read below for the new policies.

Supplies for March 19 include: an antibacterial spray, soap, a roll of paper towels, a roll of toilet paper, a toothbrush, and toothpaste.

Jackson Personal Care Ministry has determined that we can most safely serve our guests in the following way:

• Items will be distributed outdoors, on the Cortland Street side of First Baptist Church.
• Volunteers will record names and addresses from guests, but not handle guests’ ID.
• Volunteers having contact with guests will be fewer in number, and wear gloves.
• Items will be pre-bagged and fewer in number than usual.
• Bags will be placed on a table by volunteers, and guests will pick them up.
• Items will vary from week to week, with awareness that cleaning products and soap are very important.
• Guests will be reminded to practice social distancing while waiting in line, and when approaching the table.

These policies are unchanged from our regular practice:
• Restricted to Jackson County Residents
• 1 Person per household per week
• Hours are still Thursdays 5 to 6:30 PM, except holidays (April 9 is a holiday for churches).

As the situation changes, our practice may need to change.
Monitor the Jackson Personal Care Ministry Facebook Page for late-breaking updates.