Sometimes Love Breaks the Rules

What do we do with the stories of God allowing or commanding the deaths of children of enemy nations in the Old Testament? In the face of this difficult question, we’ll hear about a surprising principle – the virtue of disobedience. Join us as we read the stories of people who stood up to Pharaoh in the face of unjust policies.

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What Does it Look Like to Love Your Neighbor?

Is it Safe to Love?

Who is My Neighbor?

When is Freedom Dangerous?

How to Love Your Neighbor in a Divided World

Love Your Enemies

Jesus invites us into the radical way of love that creates peace among enemies. In a season of divisiveness, choose love. The scripture text comes from Luke 6:27-35.

This week we continue our series, The Kin-dom of God. No, it’s not a typo. The Gospels frequently have to explain that the kingdom of God is like because we can’t see past our own political expectations. In this series, we are going to hear how God creates a diverse, new kin in Christ that breaks down the dividing walls between different tribes and parties. In a season of political divisions, choose to live in God’s healing kin-dom.

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