Bearing God’s Image (with Guest Speaker Jamin Bradley)

This week’s sermon comes from our special guest, Jamin Bradley.

Jamin is the pastor at 1208 Greenwood, which hosts a dinner church, nerd church, and more. Pastor Jamin uses Genesis 1:26-27 as a launching point to talk about what it means to bear the image of God in the world as opposed to the images of idols.

This message appears in our series, “In God’s Name,” where we examine the ways we describe God and God’s actions in the world. By Good Friday, Jesus will be charged with blasphemy for announcing and living out God’s liberation for the world. As we faithfully follow God, we should not be surprised that others, particularly other Christians, might consider our devotion to be blasphemy too. This Lent, join us in committing to more faithfully following our liberating God.

Listen to this sermon’s from our audio podcast page.