Maundy Thursday

Worship with us at FBC JXN at 7pm on April 14 for our special Maundy Thursday worship. We will worship with music, reflection, and Scripture readings telling of Jesus’ faithfulness in the face of temptation. Through the music and reading of Scripture, you’re invited to reflect on your own faithfulness in following Jesus in the world today.
Join us for worship in person or online.

Easter Worship

Celebrate Easter hope with us at 10am. In a world filled with divided perspectives and headlines, we assemble around a common story of hope for today. Join us as we celebrate God, life, and hope.

The service will also be broadcast on Facebook and YouTube live.

We have other morning opportunities for Easter. Join us for a sunrise worship outside our church building along Cortland St. at 8am, followed by an Easter breakfast at 9am.

Easter Breakfast

Join us around 9am on Sunday, April 17, for our Easter Breakfast, highlighted by wonderful breakfast casseroles! The breakfast will be taking place after our Easter Sunrise worship that starts at 8am and lasts around 30 minutes. So, breakfast may begin a little before 9am, but guests are welcome as you arrive. There is no charge for the breakfast.

We hope you’ll join us for our other Easter activities. There is a 8am sunrise service outdoors alongside our church property along Cortland St. After the breakfast, we will have our Easter worship service at 10am.

Easter Sunrise

Join us at 8am in downtown Jackson for our Easter Sunrise service. We will be gathered on the grass and sidewalk along Cortland St. adjacent to our church building. This is a 30 minute outdoor worship time with music, Scripture, and a brief reflection on Easter.

After the service, you are invited to join us in our church’s fellowship hall for an Easter breakfast.

In the event of bad weather or some other obstacle preventing us to meet outside, we will meet inside the church instead.


The site for the Easter Sunrise service, the grass along Cortland St. near the intersection with S. Jackson St.