Expanding On-Site Activities

Safety Update

FBC JXN values creating a safe place for worship and exploring faith together. Over the last year we have adapted our in-person activities according to the recommendations of scientists and local authorities. We’re encouraged by the continued scientific results about the efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccines for reducing the spread of the virus and limiting the severity of symptoms for those who still get sick. We celebrate the doctors, scientists, and various professionals who have helped us move into a new season.

In conjunction with local and national recommendations, masks are now optional inside our church building for those who are vaccinated. With the improving health outlook, we hope you’ll consider joining us in person for worship if you have not done so already. Your presence brings encouragement and energy to those around you; we look forward to seeing you with us again.

We are grateful for your cooperation over the last year and continue to ask that you be considerate to those around you in our building who feel differing levels of comfort around continued mask wearing post-vaccination. We will continue to monitor state and national recommendations to ensure that our community is able to continue to worship safely.

Fellowship Hour Returns

We are glad to announce that our Fellowship Coffee Hour is returning this Sunday, May 23. There will be drink options available in the Fellowship Hall after the worship service. You’re invited to stay after worship for a chance to connect with others.

With the reopening of the Fellowship Coffee Hour, we are looking for help with preparing the drinks for the Fellowship Hall. If you’d like to help make our Fellowship Coffee Hour a time that facilitates community, please reach out to the church office by phone or email.

Pobst Hall

The chapel has been transformed into Pobst Hall and the major renovations are now complete. There are still a few finishing touches ahead, but the room is available for multipurpose use whenever we need it. The room now has comfortable movable seating, air conditioning, audio and visual infrastructure, new lighting, and more. We look forward to beginning to use the room for mission purposes throughout the week.


We are looking for nursery workers who can support our children during worship. Nursery workers help our next generation learn to love church. If you or someone you know would like to work in the nursery, please reach out to the church office by phone or email.