Worship live or online

We are entering into phase 3 of our reopening onsite activities. Read more about our phases here.

The sanctuary is now open for those who wish to join us in person for our livestream worship service at 10 a.m. Sundays. Watch our announcement video from Pastor Dallas below. Continue reading below to read more about the guidelines and expectations around being onsite as we seek to minimize the health risks while together.


Here are guidelines concerning being onsite for worship now in Phase 3.

  • If you are feeling sick, do not enter the building. If you start to display symptoms of COVID-19 after having been in the building, please reach out to the church office promptly.
  • Masks must be worn inside the building.
  • Worship in the sanctuary is the only Sunday activity being offered at this time. When you enter the building, please make your way to a seat in the sanctuary.
  • People should remain 6 feet apart (unless you are in the same household). When sitting in pews, leave 2 empty pews between you and another person.
  • Minimize talking inside the building. If you’re like us, you’re going to want to talk and catch up with others who have joined us for worship. Please take conversations outside where it is a safer environment for speaking. After the service, we will still be holding an online Zoom fellowship time for those who want to connect virtually.
  • Minimize singing inside the building. Even more of a health risk than speaking indoors, singing can spread aerosol droplets as much as 20 feet. So, as much as you’d like to belt out your favorite worship hymn or song, we ask that you refrain from singing out at this time.

Room Temperature

It has been very hot in the church during the last few weeks. The temperature has ranged from 82-85 degrees in the sanctuary. Please take that into consideration when determining whether you will join us for on-site worship or continue to watch from your home. A hot sanctuary with a mask on for an hour may be too much for some people. We understand. For those who choose to worship on-site, please consider dressing comfortably to handle the heat.

Welcoming Spirit

We want a spirit of trust and a non-judgmental atmosphere to exist throughout our church in this season. Please, do not judge your brother or sister for their choice of how to worship in this moment. Some may choose to worship online for a while. Some will be back immediately. Some will be week-to-week in their comfortability of attending. Let’s pray for each other.

Be mindful of the language you use during this period. It can hurt someone to ask, “Where’ve you been?”, which can feel layered with judgment. If you shift your language ever so slightly, and say, “I’ve missed you. How have you been?”, you might lift up someone’s spirits.