Blinder Than a Donkey

Today’s Message: Blinder Than a Donkey

There once was a prophet who thought he had special insight and vision, but it turned out his sight was worse than his donkey. This week we talk about our blind spots that develop from thinking we have the world fully figured out.

Series: Out of the Box

Do you ever feel stuck? Maybe the cycle of exhaustion, or loneliness, or emptiness keeps holding you down. We imagine we know how the world works, and how our story works, but too often our lives are bogged down because we can’t imagine a better possibility for ourselves. In this sermon series, we’re examining stories of God calling people to think outside the box and live in a world bigger than they imagined was possible.

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Sermon preached by Pastor Dallas Flippin, on Sunday January 15, 2023 at the First Baptist Church of Jackson, MI.

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