Is There Enough?

This Week: Is There Enough?

What do you do when you’re worried about if there will be enough? Is there enough food on my table? Is there enough money in my account? Is there enough time to get my tasks done? There’s a temptation to turn inward when we’re worried if there’s enough. This week, we read the story of a prophet and a widow struggling through a famine. The prophet’s advice runs contrary to our inclination, and yet it might be the thing that transforms our lives for the better.

Series: Satisfied

In a world always lusting for the next better thing, we’re taking time to reflect on what it means to be satisfied. There’s nothing wrong with longing for a better world – things should be better! Yet there is spiritual, physical, and mental benefits from learning how to be satisfied in the present moment as we work towards a world that looks more like God intended. Journey with us for this 3 week series on being satisfied.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Jesus told his followers that it wasn’t enough to love those who are easy to love. He calls us to love our enemies – and that doesn’t come naturally. Love might seem like an ineffective pipedream that can’t survive the everyday onslaught of negativity and criticism. And yet, the bridge of true love creates new paths to a better world.

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Sermon preached by Paster Dallas Flippin, on Sunday, November 13, 2022 at the First Baptist Church of Jackson, MI.

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