FBC Jackson and Bright Walls

Sign up for a time to volunteer with FBC Jackson during the Bright Walls Mural Festival (Sept. 5-10). We really need your help in being a welcoming presence for our neighbors.

What are the service opportunities?

International Exchange Program Event – Youth For Understanding is hosting a social in our church and then interacting with Bright Walls. We could use a few volunteers to make them feel welcome and answer any questions they have.

Bright Walls Interactive Booth – Bright Walls is hosting a family friendly organization fair where organizations provide interactive experiences. We will have a booth with colored sand art that people can make and take home with them. We will also have information about our church available for people to learn more about us.

Bright Walls Artist Panels – Bright Walls is providing transportation for a lot of local children to come to our church and learn from Bright Walls artists. The event is open to the public. We could use some warm, friendly faces to welcome people and answer any questions they may have.

FBC Music at Bright Walls – Brently, Dallas, and Gabe (one of Brently’s friends) will be playing on Bright Walls music stage on Tuesday, Sept. 10 at 11am. We would love to see FBC folks there to support the event and sing along with us.

During all of these events, we would love it if you could take pictures to share about this great weekend!

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