The Courage to Live

Today’s Message: The Courage to Live

In a dangerous world, it’s easy to put on armor to protect yourself. The armor of cynicism, of indifference, of distance. But our armor that we use to protect us also cuts us off from the things we most desire. Luke tells a powerful story about a woman who courageously sought healing from Jesus despite what others might think about her. Join us as we imagine the courage to feel again.

Series: It Crossed My Mind

What does faith have to do with my mental health? In our series, It Crossed My Mind, we will explore how to mentally flourish in a troubling world. As the summer winds down and family routines resume, this season can be filled with stress and exhaustion. Let God grow you and your faith this season so that you might not just survive, but truly thrive.

Sermon preached by Pastor Dallas Flippin on Sunday, August 6, 2023 at the First Baptist Church of Jackson, MI.

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