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Rock the Boat

What does it look like to live like Jesus? Join us as we explore the story of one of Jesus’ most vocal disciples, Peter, and learn that the path of living like Jesus isn’t linear – it meanders, and it isn’t comfortable – it takes us to unexpected places.

It Crossed My Mind: Name the Monster

What are you scared of? That simple question is something we usually want to avoid thinking about. This week, we’re going to explore the power of naming your fears to diminish their power over us.

It Crossed My Mind: The Courage to Live

In a dangerous world, it’s easy to put on armor to protect yourself. The armor of cynicism, of indifference, of distance. But our armor that we use to protect us also cuts us off from the things we most desire.

Sometimes Love Breaks the Rules

What do we do with the stories of God allowing or commanding the deaths of children of enemy nations in the Old Testament? In the face of this difficult question, we’ll hear about a surprising principle – the virtue of disobedience. Join us as we read the stories of people who stood up to Pharaoh in the face of unjust policies.