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Write Your Own Headlines Series Begins

Most people are frustrated by the news. We don’t like that the news feels depressing, filled with stories of murder, theft, corruption, and other discouraging topics. Where are the stories about good things happening? Is there anything good happening? While we get frustrated with our sources of news, we often live out the same challenges […]

“I Am Peter” by Coletta A. Crews

Café Connection has now been in operation for over 5 months! Often, we get so caught up in the numbers and the statistics of how many meals we served and how many guests come on a specific night, but we also need to look beyond those metrics and look at all the individual lives that the Café has had an impact on.

“Stop Waffling” by Dallas Flippin

On the plate in front of me was a generous helping of chicken and waffles. The sweet aroma of syrup and fried chicken filled the space. It was the kind of meal that you notice no one was talking for several minutes because everyone was devouring their food. Sitting around me was a group of […]