We have a special announcement that we’re really excited to share with you. Watch our video below.

Café Connection is a restaurant style dinner launching this Fall at FBC JXN.

In today’s fast pace world, with so many distractions and things competing for our attention, eating a meal around a table is something that is not common. We want to provide an opportunity for our community to disconnect from those distraction and re-connect with other people and GOD around a dinner table.

Unlike other food ministries, our focus is on the dinner table experience. Instead of having guests file in a line and be served food like a cafeteria or soup kitchen, we want to serve our guests with excellent restaurant service. Being seated by a host, ordering at the table from a menu, and receiving consistent service from a waiter allows guests more opportunity to connect with others at their table throughout the night.

Want to support Café Connection?

We are looking for partners to help make Café Connection a reality. If you’re interested in joining us in helping Jackson share meals as a way to grow nutritionally, socially, and spiritually, fill out our online form or reach out to our church office.