Cafe Connection Anniversary Fundraising Month

It’s almost our first anniversary

Café Connection’s grand opening was October 27, 2021, which means we are nearing our first anniversary! In just a year we’ve grown to serving nearly 92 guests per night over the last 3 months. To celebrate our anniversary we’re launching a month long fundraiser to support the Café as we gear up for a second year of offering an amazing sit down dining experience at no cost to our guests.

Donations make it possible

For about $350 a week, we’re able to host a restaurant style dining experience for all. To make this possible, the Café is financially supported by donations. Some of those donations come from our guests. Other donations come from our volunteers, from our community partners, and from the First Baptist Church of Jackson.

For our first anniversary fundraiser, donors have access to several special giving opportunities, including free merch for certain giving tiers, opportunities to collaborate on a menu item for a week, and out top prize – the opportunity to collaborate on a custom name for one of our menu items for the year. Most importantly, every donation no matter the size helps provide our guests with a great dining experience.

Donate to Café Connection

Show off your Café merchandise

Help us share the word about the Café throughout town by wearing or using Café branded merchandise, including short sleeve t’s, long sleeve t’s, hoodies, sweatshirts, coffee mugs, and more. Merch is available for purchase online. Orders placed by October 2 will arrive prior to our anniversary.

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Volunteer to make a difference

You don’t need money to support the Café. The Café wouldn’t exist without our team of amazing volunteers. We’ve had over 80 different volunteers make it possible. If you’ve never volunteered with us, we have volunteer opportunities as servers, kitchen plate preparers, dishwashers, hosts, and more. We think you’ll love volunteering with us – it’s meaningful work surrounded by volunteers who share that same passion and mission.