ABC of MI Statement on the Mob Violence in Washington D.C.

We welcome and affirm the statement from the American Baptist Churches of Michigan that was posted to Facebook on Wednesday, January 6, 2021 in response to the violence taking place at the U.S. Capitol building in Washington D.C.

“As American Baptist Churches of Michigan we declare that the mob activity that is taking place in Washington D.C. is not in keeping with the example set forth in Jesus Christ. While the elasticity of the bonds that hold us together as American Baptists provide ample space for people whose political views are a stark contrast to one another; we must acknowledge that those bonds will not stretch enough to make room for the evil violence being perpetrated.

In order to functionally remain under the Lordship of Jesus Christ at this juncture requires us to repudiate any attempt to obtain or maintain power through any means that disregard the teachings of Jesus Christ, particularly the Sermon on the Mount. This repudiation extends throughout any and all political affiliations where the example of Jesus Christ would be maligned through actions that fail to consider His example.

This day let us all be reminded that our battle is not against flesh and blood, as the Apostle Paul states in His letter to the Ephesians. The Enemy has come to foment division that is birthed out of the sinful hearts of humankind. Those who profess Jesus Christ as Savior are not exempt from the tactics of the Evil One in this way.

ABC-MI is inviting all of its members to turn to prayer in this moment and ask that Almighty God would both cleanse our hearts of any and every form of idolatry and temporary kingdom building, while simultaneously dispatching His followers to accurately reflect the One whose Name we bear. In this moment we are called to, may the reconciling work that every ambassador of Jesus Christ is charged with be the prevailing passion of our hearts.”