Church Leadership

Pastor Dallas FlippinDallas Flippin

First Baptist Church welcomes new Pastor Dallas Flippin.

Dallas became the pastor of First Baptist Church of Jackson, MI on August 6, 2018. Before coming to Jackson, Dallas was the Pastor of Ministry Development at Immanuel Church in Brookfield, WI. Dallas has taught courses in theology and ministry at Marquette University and Central Baptist Theological Seminary. Dallas has administrative work experience in the Office of Research and Innovation at Marquette University and as a human resources intern with Automobile Protection Corporation.

Dallas has completed his doctoral coursework and examinations in the study of Judaism and Christianity in Antiquity at Marquette University. He earned his M.Div. from McAfee School of Theology at Mercer University in Atlanta, GA. His B.A. in Theology and Philosophy was earned from the University of Mary-Hardin Baylor in Belton, TX.

Dallas is married to Beth Flippin, an elementary school teacher and lover of crafts and DIY projects. They have a daughter, Gwen, who enjoys music.

Dallas has a passion for connecting people and for helping people take their next ste

Michael Wiliams, Dallas Flippin, Patricia Kenney

ps in their faith journey. He is inspired by all types of stories, especially movies. He is excited about new technology and online media and how they can be used to connect instead of to isolate.


First Baptist Church is a family-oriented congregation with a strong, stable history of serving God by serving others.  As a member of the American Baptist Churches USA, the congregation supports the tenets of faith and mission of the denomination.

This is a diverse church family that endeavors to reach out to those in need.  As an accepting, healing faith community, First Baptist offers opportunities for spiritual guidance to all people.  In the spirit of Christ, this congregation has a long-standing history of caring for one another — especially in times of need.

Here one will find inspiring worship, a vital program of Christian education and youth ministry, and a strong commitment to mission.

Leadership Structure

Executive Board

The Executive Board meets 10 times annually.  Meetings are typically held the third Sunday of the month.

  • Administrative Team: Dan Cabage, Steve Claar, Scott Dodge
  • Christian Education Team: Logan Dodge, Emily Hughey, Dorean Johnson
  • Spiritual Life Team: Brian Manchester, Bridget Holder, Kenyon Wood
  • Moderator: Nadine Manchester
  • Vice Moderator: Vicki Topa
  • Church Clerks: Sherry Dodge, Mary White
  • Treasurer: Troy White
  • Bookkeeper: Mary White
  • Hospitality Committee: Cindy & Russ Cummings, Steve & Sheila Claar, Dan Dodge and Emily Hughey, Letha & Ken Elliott, Pat Raby, Maxine Shepherd, Mary Woodruff, Nolan Hughey
  • Nominating Committee: Don Freese, Jim Stratton, Mary Woodruff
  • Staff Relations Committee: Marilynn Fryer, Richard Raby, Sheila Claar
  • Chairperson, Endowment Committee: Jim Stratton with Logan Dodge

As an American Baptist congregation, First Baptist practices congregational polity.  Local congregations carry on autonomous ministry, with the membership being the final authority on issues of belief and practice.

As an active part of American Baptist Churches of Michigan and American Baptist Churches USA, First Baptist cooperates in mission and ministry with other churches across our region and nation.  Each person’s gifts and faith are important here as a necessary part in being the Body of Christ.